Friday, April 24, 2009


So, we are now way employed, altho we are still thinking about doing a morning paper route (if they call us back)

I am still working at the wellness center, but I am now offically a Provo city lifeguard! My frist shift is next Friday at . . . 4:45 in the morning! WEEEEEE!

David is still working at Build A Bear (altho he isn't going to be a manager anymore) and got a job at Reb Lobster. Hopefully he'll make some good cash!

David chopped up the tree. It is now gone.

I got a wicked sunburn for riding the scooter around town. Man, I am SO PALE. But the burn turned into a tan on my arms, and I am awaing the verdit on my chest.

I just took a shower and am about to go into work for a few hours to organize the charts and find a check that is probably amogst them. I will then come home and clean the house while catching up on all of my TV shows on las laptop.

David is going to Oregon on Monday to drive back with Wayne on Tuesday. So, I'll have two long days of boring - except I'm working both days so maybe it won't be tooo boring.

The end.

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Christian and Vanessa said...

Congratulations on all the jobs ;)