Saturday, May 16, 2009

Date.... Day?

So, yesterday David and I fit a date in around working! WooHoo!
We went to lunch at a yummy Mexican Restaurant where we had a free entree coupon. David had fish tacos and I had a chimichanga. This was also our dinner later as well. I love leftovers.
Then I went to my inservice for life guarding. It was pretty boring, since I have already worked there for like a month, but its all good. I got a cross word puzzle book.
We then went to go see 17 again. It was SUCH an akward and loveable movie. I love Zac Efron. :-)

So, that was our date... just spread out about 6 hours!

Today, I had more inservice. It was fun. I got to be in the pool for about 2 hours. I also found out I'm teaching first session of swim lessons! I'm stoked! Now, all I have to do is pass my certificiation test. I'm also goin to teach some private lessons on the side, and I put up an add on craigslist, so heres hoping for that!

I'll leave you with some photos!

This is the back of our house, and our backyard. The kitchen is the windows on the left, our bedroom is on the right. We have yet to turn on the AC.

This is our backyard looking from the back porch. The grass is starting to look great, altho its a bit patchy is some places. If you notice, the back brown part is where they came a week ago with a huge CAT and took off the whole first layer of dirt, and all the weeds it held. They then sprayed weed killer, because it was out of control back there. We are hoping next year, we can plant some grass seed to overtake the weed problem. It would be fun to have a nice grass volleyball court or something. The yard is kindof too big. The garden is right behind the shed on the right.

This is the garden this week! Its... um.. about the same. Some flat seeds (from a tree or something)are what all the dots are. I'm going to take care of those next week or something. My cilantro plant dissapeared... I'm not sure to where. I'm hoping it just got mad about getting replanted and the roots are still okay. We'll see in a couple of weeks... if it is dead, I might go get another. I need it to make salsa! As you can see, our neibors weeds are a small amount out of control. Next week, I'm going to make Wayne take a weedwacker to them for a couple of feet on their side, and then I'll try to take off a layer of dirt so they don't creep into our garden.

The end.

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