Friday, May 15, 2009


So, I have a regular reader from Canada! Hello! How are you? I hope that everything is going well up in the great land of the North!

I also have a daily (or sometimes twice or three times daily) reader from North Tonawanda, New York. This is right BY Cananda! Hello North Tonawanda! I would love to come visit and see Niagra Falls!

I wonder who you, along with all my other "where my stalkers at." I wonder why you read, and what you think when you do. Me and David are pretty awesome, but at the same time, we are pretty boring. But apparently the people up north like us! w00t.

Moving along, David has been watering the garden. He is such a good garden daddy, taking care of it and making sure it grows. I'm hoping that things will start popping up soon! We'll have to take monthly photos of whats going on or something. David says weekly Photos. We'll see.

We have both been working a lot. I feel like maybe I have a sinus infection or something coming on. My head hurts like a beast, my ears are plugged, and I think I might die. But, I have inservice tonight, so I am loading up on drugs and I'm going to procure some Dr. Pepper to make it thru.

David says he loves me, and I'm pretty. I say that he should never go to work and just stay home and snuggle me.

My dad is maybe going camping in Colorado in August, and I'm going to try to talk him into going one of the last 2 weeks, so that we can go up and join him! It'll give us a reason to finally buy a tent and sleeping bags and stuff. Also, I love camping, and my Dad! It would be a good end of Summer trip. If we go, there will be lots of photos.

Alright, if you are cool, you would leave a comment. If you aren't, well, you aren't!

-Sab (& Dave sitting next to her)

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siovhan said...

i'm cool. so i'm leaving a comment.

woman, you are freakin awesome.
i miss our chats.
i spent a whole night the other night re-facebook stalking your wedding photos.
i love your guts.