Thursday, May 14, 2009


I miss writing. I am starting again. It feels good.

Sometimes, things don't happen the way you want them too. This is okay. You just have to adapt to the change this unfulfilled dream or unwanted change brings to your life. I am figuring out how to do this daily.

Yesterday, I was painting a play structure. We sat on plastic with tiny rollers and talked about our lives. We had never met. I don't even know if we said our names. One of the girls was going in the peace corps. The other was going to go to Greece for 2 months. Me? I was working, going to school, hanging with my husband. I always thought that I wouldn't get married till I was a minimum age of 25. I thought that I would travel and do things that other people were jealous of. Instead, I am married, living in my little house across the street. And this is okay. These unfulfilled dreams do not overtake my life. They do not make me feel unfulfilled. They were just one way my life could have gone, and it went another. I am still going to travel, only, not a lone person in a group, but one huge half of a strong couple. I am still going to make people jealous, but probably not by being the next great young philanthropist, but instead by rocking my marriage at a young age, by finishing school on my own terms, by having a house that feels like a home, and by, someday, having kids that rock the face of the earth so bad, it has a headache for the next 1000 years.

I am working a lot. I start before the sun comes up and end after the sun goes down. I like this, minus the not seeing my husband part. But he still loves me, and snuggles me when I come to bed or when my alarm goes off in the morning. I switched shifts this morning so I can get in an hour of snuggle time before I have to head off to my next job. I adore snuggle time.

I think I really like my life right now. Its hard for me to say this, because I am a chronic complainer, but everything is going pretty dang good. I have jobs that I love, and that I don't mind going to. We have enough money in the bank. My husband does the laundry. Wayne does the dishes. I watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother last night before bed. I am eating healthier. I feel healthier. My husband likes me and I like him back. My husband also happens to be a F.O.X. Church feels good. The sun is warm and I think I've gotten my sunburns out of the way for the rest of the year. I am slowly getting ridiculous tan lines. I, at this point in time, have no complaints on any thing in my life. This is big! This is good! This is me living my life!


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Jamie said...

i LOVE how i met your mother!! for serious, neil patrick harris is the celebrity love of my life. too bad he's gay :-(