Sunday, June 14, 2009

San Francisco!

Sup everybody?
This was an exciting week here at the Allen House. We both worked quite a bit, but we made a big decison. We are going to San Franciso over Thanksgiving! We are trying to figure out how it is going to work with David getting off work for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, since he got neither off last year, but we are hoping to figure it out.
We are plannning to go to Texas over Christmas Break, but David may not be able to get Christmas off, so we might have to go for New Year's instead. Or, I might fly in a few days before David, and he will just come for a few days. We'll see. He is going to talk to his manager this week, and hopefully with him asking so far in advance, it will help.
Anyways, our trip is going to be AWESOME. Our hotel/condo is right in the middle of downtown, and we are staying for a whole week! We are going to go to Alcatraz (well, sail around it... not sure we want to walk around it, but if anyone says its super extra awesome, we just might spring for it), the Exploratorium, the SFMoMA, the Aquarium of the Bay, and the Academy of Science. We are also going to ride the heck out of the cable cars, go to Chinatown, go to Ghierdilli Square, tour the Scharffenberger Chocolate Maker, and eat crab. Our hotel/condo has a mini-fridge and a microwave, so we will be bringing breakfast to eat in the morning to save some cash, and plan on snacking on some self-brought snacks throughout the day so we don't have to order as much for lunch/dinner. We are hoping that we won't spend too much money on food... our condo/hotel is free, and we are driving (which should only cost like 120 bucks, so it should be a pretty cheap trip! Whoo Hoooooo!
The end.

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