Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Insane Allen's

I should probably be in bed right now, considering I have to get up at 4:30 tomorrow morning to go to work.
Soon, I promise.
So, David and I have an interview tomorrow for an early morning custodial job (one for each of us) and we are pretty excited. We really want to get a jump on our savings - we already have some, but not near enough to go to Europe and travel like we want to when we graduate- so we are going to try the whole getting up at 4:30 every weekday morning in the Fall/Winter/Next Summer to get some serious cash flow going on. I really hope we get this job - even early morning jobs are hard to come by now - - - when I was a freshman you got knocked upside the head with the job posters for them when you walked into every building on campus! We will probably be crazy tired, but I think that working so much (3 jobs for me, if I get this one, and 3 for David, if you count build a bear) and going to school will help us be more adult. And, if we feel like we are dying, it won't kill us to quit, because really these jobs are just for extra cash to save.
Anyways, I love David Allen. He is the best. And he is ALL MINE.
The end.

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