Thursday, August 13, 2009


David and I are very very very employed. Yes, I had to say it 3 times, because we both have 3 jobs!
Say hello to the HFAC's newest early morning floor cleaners! w00t!

I'm typing this from David's new iMac- BYU rents them out for 20 bucks a month! Handy, since his computer now hates the world. Its going thru its angsty time. We are hoping it'll hold out for a bit longer. With all the extra cash, we could buy David a computer for his birthday, but instead we are going to save it for our big trip!

Has anyone seen the JetBlue sweet action of all you can fly for a month for like 600 bucks? David and I are both VERY tempted to not go to school this semester and just travel for a month. But, we have to be responsbile. Yuck.

Other than that, I am opening again tomorrow... then working from 12-10:30. Sucks, but gotta make that money. We start early morning next week, so opening isn't too bad, and its good practice.

The end.

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Brittan said...

Wow. That is some surrious dedication. Good for you guys... it will majorly pay off in the end. Yay traveling!!! Meanwhile, I am digging deeper and deeper into student loan debt. Sigh. I think you two have it figured it out.