Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gosh Dang It!

So, I was looking at Site Meter to see if I had any new stalkers and to my suprise, no one has visited the site in 2 months! WHAT?!?!

Its because when I changed my layout, my sitemeter counter got deleted from the HTML code and I'm very upset, because now I know nothing about the past 2 months. LAME. SUPERLAME.

Anyways, yesterday I re-did my sister in-law's room. Because I'm awesome like that. And b/c she's going into Middle School in a week, and I wanted all her friends to be jealous of her sweet awesome room.



And one of Danielle enjoying her new room!

It was a way fun day, but I was waaaay tired when we were done. It took me 2.5 hours to get there (it usually takes a little over an hour) b/c they had half the highway shut down for construction--- but there was none going on! LAME UTAH, LAME! So, I got there later than planned, but we went to Khols, who are lacking these days in the bedding dept, then over to Target, where we got her comforter for 15 bucks! A price so nice, we got 2 (for when the first one wears out.) We then we to Lowes (where we would go 2 other times for more paint / drop cloths) and picked out the paint colors.

Danielle LOVES her new room, and its nice that I have taken care our Christmas/Birthday presents for her for the next 2 years. :-)

We still have to paint the headboard dark brown... I was too tired to do it. And Danielle has to put all her other stuff back in the room, but overall, I think its a big improvement over the clouds and falling flowers. (gross!) Its amazing how much solid colors can make a room look less cluttered!

I will do Garret's room (he's going into H.S. this year) Labor Day Weekend, so I'll post photos of that when that happens.

The end.

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Brittan said...

the room looks awesome! what a nice sis-in-law you are.

i'm kind of glad your site tracker didn't work or you'd find out that you do have a stalker.

and her name is brittan.