Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We are still alive

Sorry about the long absense. We took a much needed vacay to Colorado and Utah and went camping with my Dad and brother. We ate good food, drove way too much, and didn't catch a single fish (altho David now has a story of "the one who got away.... and broke my fishing pole in half during the process").

I will upload some photos when we get a card reader. When that is, no one knows. David's old laptop had one, which is how we got photos before.

We are SO poor currently. Books cost an arm and a leg, even with getting all of them used, and borrowing a few.

We are both stoked about our classes this semester. We both like all our teachers. Our New Testament teacher (which is the class we are taking together) is a self-proclaimed liberal, and so far, it seems like it is going to be one of the most intresting and diffrent religion classes eaither of us has ever taken.

My dad came up to Provo for a day, and installed a light switch instead of a pull chain for one of the lights in the kitchen, so after we go to Ikea (possibly this weekend!), look foreward to a new light fixture photo soonish. Our house just gets more and more perfect, the longer we live in it (and have time to do cool stuff to it)

I am working like crazy these days. 15 hours today (I'm at work having lunch as I write this)! Its my one long day of the week, so I'll probably live. :-) We go to bed at 9 every night. We are so lame.

San Francisco gets closer and closer, which is exciting and scary all at the same time. Scary, b/c its a week with negative cash flow. Exciting b/c its vacation! All the way in California! Whooo!

That is all.

The end.

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Brittan said...

San Fran is possibly my favorite city in the whole world. When I stood on Ocean Beach and let the Pacific wash up over my feet it was quite possibly the most perfect moment of my life. The universe aligned. Sigh.

You will LOVE it. Next you should plan a New York vacay and see me and your BFF. :)