Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spaghetti is cooking in the next room

I was doing the dishes, when all of a sudden, it all came crashing down. I am SO blessed. Ridiculously, abundantly blessed.
I have this amazing house I live in, which costs less than any other house of its caliber in the city. My house is cute, I got to paint it colors that I love, colors that make me happy every day. I have many things in this house which are wonderful, such as all my kitchen type things, pots, pans, knives, etc; my living room things, art, tv, roku, wii, lovely smushy couch, lovely danish chairs, pretty bookcase loaded with books, etc; my bedroom, a soft bed to sleep in with nice firm pillows and a freshly washed comforter. I live here. These things are all mine. I own them all.
I have 2 jobs, both of which I don't hate going to every day. I get paid enough to pay my bills, save some money for the future, and blow some money on the now.
I have a husband whom I love, who kisses like a pro and scratches my back (without complaining) whenever I ask. He works hard and is going to provide for me our whole lives thru.
I have good friends who I can depend upon. I can call them and they will come over to love me and watch movies with me when I am lonely.
I have parents who support me in any way they can, and raised me in a good stable home.
I get to go camping with my dad in 3 weeks.
I am going to get a good education, which will help me have a job that I choose.
I am just so very lucky.

I am making good food. I clipped some cupons. My husband is coming home to love me.

Life is good. So very good.

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Brittan said...

Aw Sabrina, that's so awesome. Made me all happy and warm all over. Maybe one day my life will be all settled and happy like yours in a painted house with books and love. Here's hoping. I'm so very happy for you.