Monday, September 21, 2009


- I finished a paper for my class tomorrow. I started it over a week ago. This is the largest amount of time that I have ever spent on a paper for a BYU class IN MY LIFE. (which is to say, I am usually a giant procrastinator)

- David got a 100% on the multiple choice section of his Chem 105 exam today. My first thought it "I'm glad I have a smart husband, so we can be rich and I can have fancy shoes." Does this make me a bad person?

- I went to Sonic today to get a drink, and couldn't pass up the sweet burger & tots for two bucks deal since I hadn't eaten lunch. They accidentally mixed up my order and put some mozzarella sticks in the bag, but not my cheese burger (there was a regular burger).... so I took back the burger for the right one and kept the cheese sticks. I have no regrets. That is their payback to me for being the worst Sonic EVER. (Don't get me started)

- I have 6 lab write ups to do before I get to go home and go to bed. It is now 1 hour past my bedtime. I won't go to bed for at least another hour. Which means that I am going to get some DP in the morning. Its the breakfast of champions!

- It really bugs me that BYU doesn't sell freaking caffeinated beverages on campus. I mean, SERIOUSLY? Everyone is doing it. Geez.

- I made a bet with my supervisor at the pool that I can make all A's this semester, and work as much as I am. Thus far, I haven't skipped a class or been late on an assignment, so its looking pretty good. This marks the longest I have ever made it in a semester of BYU doing this. Go me!

- I am having some serious issues with my tummy these days. I think I might be allergic to corn, b/c it seems to happen every time I eat it. This is not good. I love corn. I will probably keep eating it.

- I have one pair of clean underpants left......... crap.

- I do not shower every day. And I do not plan on ever doing so, unless I start exercising every day, and even then, its iffy.

The end.


Brittan said...

they don't sell caffeinated bevs on campus?? what the what?! i might die. no way i could have made it through the undergrad without caffeine. in fact, sometimes a did my famous "caffeine bomb". ingredients: mountain dew (or regular coke), snickers bar (payday works too), 4 excedrin. only to be used after an all-nighter, in the case of the inevitable migraine that follows. oh yeah, i did one or two of those babies in my day.

well, sister, i am proud of your little hardworking butt. you go on with your bad self and your straight A's!

Brittan said...

ignore the typos, plz. i am currently procrastinating reading 80billionandeleven pages for class tomorrow.