Sunday, September 20, 2009


School is eating both of our souls.
Work is gobbling up what is remaining.

David dropped a class and is still non stop homeworking around the clock. He quit Red Lobster, so now he just does early morning and Build A Bear a few hours a week. He also cleans the house, which is pretty much a full time job on its own.

Last night, instead of doing homework, I went to bed at 6. It was glorious. And this week shouldn't be too bad. I got my friday shift taken at work, so now I have Friday after 5 and Saturday after noon to do homework... and Sundays when we aren't at church and Monday from 2-4:30, and Monday after 7, and Tuesday after 6, and Thursday after 4. Because those are the only times I'm not working or at school. And yes, most days I do want to die. But its okay. Next semester I'm only taking 13 hours, and probably dropping some hours at work to make it more manageable. Word up, man.

So, I'm the Nursery Leader for our ward, and we got 5(!!!) new nursery teachers today!!!!!!! This is very exciting, because now I will be much less stressed, and we should be able to go up to David's Parents house for all of Fast Sunday, not just the evening (which is supa annoying b/c we basically drive for an hour, eat dinner, and drive for an hour home). Next Sunday we are having a breakfast meeting to get everyone on the same page with the timing of everything and handing out teaching assignments for the next few months. That way, if people are out of town, they can call another nursery teacher and have them do it, instead of us having to worry about it. WooHoo! Also, we have enough teachers now that people should be able to go to class at least once a month, if not twice.

Now, I need to go finish a paper. Booooooo. But its all good.

The end.

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Sally said...

Hang in there--school won't last forever! And then maybe, just maybe, you'll miss it after a while :) Like I do. Weird, eh? Enjoy it while you are there--the classes, the interaction, the learning of all kinds of cool things on this ol' planet Earth. Wow, i do miss it. Wish I'd realized how i'd feel down the road, while i was in school