Friday, September 18, 2009

Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Morning

This morning was a very bad morning.
I woke up with a tummy ache, had to go to work, then, promptly lost my phone. And since I probably dropped it when I lost it, the sim card probably got knocked loose (it does this every time I drop it), and it has no reception. So chances are I will never find it. And I am hosting a pampering party tonight and have no way for anyone to get a hold of me.
Then, after searching for it to the point I was going to be late to Job 2, I gave up, and walked out to the car with some stuff we had left in the fridge from the last breakfast we had, including a mostly full jam of raspberry/blackberry jam. I was also carrying all the jackets we left at work over the last 2 weeks (b/c we ride the scooter and its cold and then we forget to take them home with us) and I DROPPED THE FREAKING JAM IN THE PARKING LOT. 1) sucks that we lost a whole freaking jar (and it was a big jar!) of jam 2) I had to clean it up and got jam ALL OVER my hands. And had nothing to wipe it on.
So, I had a total of 15 minutes to get home, shower, and go to work (driving time: 12 minutes) and so I was in a rush, and I ran the stop sign to get out of the parking lot. And then I sped down E. Campus drive. And then a cop pulled me over! For said traffic violations! He didn't give me a ticket, b/c by this time, I was crying and freaking out over the terrible morning I was having. But he told me that it would have taken me 10 hours to work off the amount the ticket was.
Then, I got home (after I was already supposed to be at Job 2) and took a super fast shower. And I couldn't find my brown shoes. And I almost freaked out again, but then I found it.
And then I drove to work.
And hit EVERY. SINGLE. RED. LIGHT. So, instead of the 8 minutes it usually takes me, it took me 15! So I was SUPER late to work.

The day has took a better turn, seeing as I called AT&T and the guy said he would give me a free new sim card since I had such a horrible story. And David is bringing me my old phone so it will all be good.

Also, I love David.

The end.

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Sally said...

Wow, lots of updates! Great stuff--cept for your rough bad day, sorry bout that :(
But I love your new living room! Looks like you had way too much fun at IKEA! ;D And I don't htink that your sis-in-law's clouds/flowers room was gross--it was just fitting for an elementary school person, and now she has something more fitting for a middle/high school person! :) That was really nice of you, too--and looks like it must have been so much fun! We're trying to paint our bathroom, but things keep coming up that make us put it off, such as Joe getting the flu--yuck, poor guy.