Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Remember that one time I got in a wreck?

Well, make that 3 times, when I was driving, but whatever.

Lucky number 3 was on Monday.

I was going thru a yellow light, and this little 18 year old in a BMW decided to turn left before her signal. (1- WHO THE HECK LETS AN 18 YEAR OLD DRIVE A BMW? 2- I am pretty sure she was on her phone... not that the police believed me) And she T-boned me. And some jerk behind me stopped and said I ran a red light! When I did not! I yell at David for running red lights when it is 5AM for gosh sakes. And so, yeah.

Anyways, to add insult to injury... literal injury... I got a ticket which I get to go to court for in the next 4-14 days to pay for and have to pay to fix the truck. Oh, I didn't mention that I was driving my Father In Law's truck? Because we traded cars so he could fix our brakes? No? Well I was. Also, I bent the axle. I'm not sure if you know this, but its really hard to break an axle, and this makes number 2 for me. I'm AWESOME.

So, since she hit me going pretty fast (I'm pretty sure she hit the gas instead of the brake... there were no skid marks from her car, and plennnty from mine) my back is hurting pretty badly, which is super extra fun. I got some drugs last night, so its been okay-ISH today. I can only take them once every 6 hours, which is not nearly enough. After about 4 I need more. I am going to the Health Center on Friday if it still hurts this bad to see if they'll give me something stronger. I'm hoping it feels better tomorrow. But I'm not getting my hopes up. You can feel where the muscles are all jacked up if you put your hands in the middle of my back when I walk ... its like two flat rocks on either side of my spine where nice mushy muscle should be. YAAAAY!

And the best news of all? REMEMBER that AWESOME trip to San Francisco we had all planned? And had our condo booked in the middle of down town? And had gift cards bought for all the cool restaurants? And has the sweetest itinerary or all time planned? The trip we have saved for 5 months to go on? That trip?


Because we have to use that money to pay for the truck to get a new axle, wheel, door and some body work.

Am I pissed we aren't going? Yes. Am I pissed I have to pay for the truck? No. I feel so bad that I wrecked it. David's dad is being SO nice about the whole thing, and I wish that we had the money to just buy a new truck, but we don't, so we will just postpone the San Fran trip till David is done with Army this summer (hopefully in August is when we'll go.)

So, we will stay here and working during T-give and be responsible grown ups being responsible about our financial state. I hate being responsible. I hate being an adult. I hate being POOR. IT SUCKS.

Did I mention that we can't drive the truck b/c of the axle? And that we are driving the scooter? And that its been raining for 2 days? Oh, I didn't? jlkdfa;elarjekalbeaerehuoaihbiaklwemfasdhji okla.

Now, I am going to go to bed. Only to wake up in an hour to down some more pain pills in hopes of not feeling like I got hit by a mack truck in the morning so I can go clean the HFAC and make money... to pay for the truck... which someone wrecked into... but I get to pay for... because some guy claims I ran an imaginary red light... because I have the worst luck in the world....

The end.


Tiffany said...

That sucks, I hope your back heals quickly. I know this doesn't compare to yours but I have to go to court because I had a few patches of grass grow to tall in the front yard. See the thing is that my brother is my landlord and he's responsible for cutting the grass, but the citation is in MY name. wonderful

Susan said...

So sorry Sabrina! I hope you feel better soon!