Monday, October 12, 2009

Army Explanation

Hello All, David here (being typed by Sabrina for punctuation and grammar)
A lot of you have been a little confused about why I would possibly be going into the Army. I would like to explain it to everyone so that hopefully, you can all be put at ease. In the past I have been known to make rash decision and then immediately regret them, but i want it to be known that this is not something that I just thought about yesterday and signed the papers today. This is something that I personally have been thinking about for a while and something that Sabrina and I have been talking about for several weeks, and everything has just fallen into place. We have basically done nothing but research what this is going to be like for the last few weeks. And I'll admit that there are sacrifices that I will have to make, but we feel that the benefits far outweigh the sacrifices. And if those sacrifices entail protecting my country then I don't really think that is too hard.
I want to say that this is not a cop-out. I have felt that a lot of people have thought that going into the Army is beneath me and not a smart decision for someone who isn't a high school drop out to make. Going in is not going to be easy for me to get into the Army: I have some medical issues that have to be cleared before they will let me enlist, so there is a chance I won't even get in. The Army isn't something that you just go sign up for: there is a process of getting approved, just like any other job. I have interviews and tests and everything. It isn't easy to enlist, and that is just the start. I am fully aware of the fact that bootcamp sucks, and that I will possibly want to cry some days while I'm there, but I am not the person I was in High School, or even the person I was before I got married, or even the person I was a year ago (ask Sabrina!). I have grown up a lot, and feel that while yes, it will be very hard (not only the physical aspects, but the emotional aspect of being away from Sabrina for 5 months) it is something that I can do. I know that a lot of you guys don't believe in me, and that sucks, but I believe in myself, and my wife believes in me, and thats all that I need.
The main reason for me joining the Army is that it will provide me the opportunities that I need to have the life that I want for me and my family.
The Army will pay for my schooling for the next 3 years as I finish my undergrad, and give me a monthly stipend so I won't have to work and I can just focus on school. This will enable my grades to be higher, so that I will be able to get into Medical School. I want to work in the Medical Field- I'm not sure doing what just yet, it may be a PA, or a Md, or any other number of things. It all just depends on grades and test scores over the next 3 years.
The Army not only will pay for all of my Medical School training, but if I go to USUHS (The Army's Med school in MD) I get paid as an officer the entire time I am in school and in residency. If you do the math, not including any fellowships I will be doing, I will be getting 11 years of schooling and training paid for, and be getting paid while going to school. I will come out of school not just debt free, but with money in the bank.
While I am in school, it will pretty much be like me being in the Reserves. I will owe 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks a year to the Army. I also cannot be deployed while I am in school. I will owe them about 9 years of Active Duty after I finish all of my training, but I will be a Caption in the U.S. Army as well as a Doctor.
By the time I am done with my service, I will qualify for retirement, and can retire at the age of 43 with 1/2 pay form my highest 3 grossing years ... forever. So, for the rest of my life, for 40+ more years, I will be getting retirement, and I can work as a Doctor. This will allow Sabrina and I to travel the world together, and make sure our kids have the futures we want them to.
Speaking of family, being in the Army is going to allow Sabrina and I to start a family sooner - as soon as I go to boot camp, it will cost $0 to have a baby. Having a family is super important to both Sabrina and I, but it is something that we feel that we have to not only be ready for in our relationship, but in our finances. We believe the Army will help us in both.
In the end this is something that I have been thinking about for a long time, something that i have prayed long and hard about and something that I feel will be best for my family and make me a better person in the process, and I hope that my friends can support me in this decision.


1- I looove my Husband. he is SUPER hot and awesome and I just think he's great.
2- I got into a wreck today. Once again, I was at fault even though I wasn't at fault. Stupid teenagers driving BMWs whilst talking on their phone and running red lights. Blah. And stupid man in truck saying I ran the red light and not her!
3- Due to said wreck, we cancelled our plans for San Fran. We are still going to go, just when David gets back from all his Army stuff at the end of next Summer.
More on all this later.
The end)


Calista said...

This sounds cheesy, but, I think you two are awesome. And I have faith that David can do this and that you two know what is best for you two. I suggest kicking people who say otherwise. ;)

Jamie said...

I think it's super awesome you've made this decision, but I'm just gonna be worrying about you for the next 20 years or so until you retire! :-)