Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So Soon?

Apparently, a new life plan has taken shape over the past 2 days.

David is going into the Army now... like, will go to Bootcamp in January if all works out with some old medical stuff. He will then go to his Army School (a short one!) and then commission directly into the ROTC at BYU and be a Cadet. And all his school will be paid for. And he'll have be working towards retirement whilst in school. And he'll be making money whist in school. And he'll have to be gone one weekend a month. And some during every summer. And then he might go to Med School! What?!?! Nuts, rite? But good. The Army wants people to be Doctors so much, they'll pay you for it. (This all might be pushed back about 4 months due to the old medical stuff. But basically, if all goes according to plan, come Jan or May, David will be gone for about... 4 months)

He'll basically be in school for the next 11 years (if you count residency as school) which means that for 11 years, not only does he NOT have to worry about tuition, he'll get paid and be working towards retirement. He also won't be deployed during those 11 years. And he will retire at the ripe old age of 43. So, before our kids are out of highschool, David will retire! NUTS. Basically, he gets 11 years of free school and 11 years of salary for 9 years of working. Nutso. And we'll never be in debt. And we might get to travel the world! And the war might be over by the time he'll be deployable! SWEEEEET!

Anywho, a interesting fact about the Army: It costs 0 dollars to have a baby. ROCKIN'! So maybe we'll have a baby sooner rather than later. But who knows. I just know I loooove babies. Mmmhmmmm.

The End.

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Brittan said...


With my poverty and ever-mounting student loans I completely envy the both of you right now. But am also very happy for you.