Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sometimes all I wanna do is dance.

I am sitting in the computer lab. I should be doing my lab writeups, but it should only take me 20 minutes and I have 40, so why not write a little posty post for all my little stalkers (and Brittian) who like to know about what is up in my life.

So, I am officially at 85%+ capacity as far as wellness goes. I am trying to be upbeat about how I'm feeling, because if I miss anymore school I'm in trouble. Missing work wouldn't be horrible, but I don't want to use our savings for anything.

As of the 20th of this month, we'll have all the money we wanted to save for San Fran saved... it feels good. We'll get it in the form of a debit card so that we won't have to spend any real money when we go. Awesome.

Speaking of San Fran, David and I love cheeseburgers. LOVE. David likes to add bacon to his, but I like mine plain. Anyways, David found a list of the best burger places in America, and now we want to visit all of them. One of them is in San Fran! Rockin'! We are going to go there, and another gourmet burger place where you pick the meat, bun, cheese, etc. I seriously could eat a cheeseburger for every single meal. Mmmm. But I don't, because I am trying to lose weight, guys. Geez. But San Fran is pretty much going to be a week of food, so I gotta buckle down now so that I can hang loose then!

I am using this thing called livestrong.com and myplate. Its awesome. You should go check it out.

I took a test Friday, a test yesterday, a test this morning, and I'm taking one tonight. Then I should be done with tests for a few weeks... I'll only have papers to worry about! Awesome! I feel like the first two tests went well... and the one this morning was a little troublesome. I think the one this evening should be a-ok. Its only 25 questions or something. I love those kinds. That means I can study for at least an hour before I have to go take it because it won't take me more than an hour! AWESOME.

Our landlords don't cash our rent checks very promptly and it drives me nuts b/c I see this big number in our back account and its not true. Booooo. Other than that, they are prefect and I want to hug them daily for letting me live where I do.

My mom apparently sent me an awesome package, which shall be here Thursday. I love that now that I am all on my own (with David of course) that she sends me packages ALL. THE. TIME. Literally half the shirts I own came in these packages. Yay.

Okay, time to get to work. If I think of anything else, maybe I'll update in the next week. OooOOOooooo.

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Brittan said...

do you rockstar diaries? if not, you should. i think you would like it. naomi and josh are on a quest to find the best burger and they blog about it (complete with awesome pictures) all the time. someone even sent them t-shirts...


i'm jealous of you guys... i love san fran soooo much! i'm trying to finagle a summer internship there. yup, that's all i got.