Saturday, October 3, 2009


I got my nails did yesterday.
I also looked supa hott for David's mission reunion. Go me.

Today I already went to work and took a shower - and its just 1 o'clock! Haha.
I am about to go to the grocery store to procure some butter for making sweet halloween cookies for David for Inventory tomorrow (yes, he has to work on Conf Sunday.... LAME.) and a light lunch for myself.
Tonight we are having Steak and mashed potatoes for dinner ... a few friends are coming over and it shall be GLORIOUS. Mmmm Steak.

Have you ever been to They have this sweet thing called My Plate where you track everything you eat. I am doing the trial 40 days, and so far so good. It has a huge inventory of every kind of food you could ever want to eat, and so its pretty simple to put stuff in. I am trying to lose 10 more pounds before Christmas, so my Mom can take me shopping and I can wear some super cute clothes with my skinny self. You can already see the 10ish pounds I've lost since my fattest time (the start of this summer) and its really nice to finally sortof like how I look. I want to be down to a consistent 140 before we have kiddies, which will mean I'll be super buff. I weighed 140 freshman year, and I was super buff. So yeah, thats my goal. 140, consistently. (That is on the high end of normal for BMI, but I have a RIDICULOUS amount of natural muscle. Have you seen my calves? HAVE YOU?)

Anyways, I am going to go now. Lots of stuff to do! + watch conference!

The end.

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Brittan said...

I wish I was super buff. I'm jelly on bones. Gross. Good for you lookin' all hot and buff!

Also, to answer your question, Haley Joel Osment looks just like he did back in the day only he now has really long hair. Strange.