Monday, October 26, 2009

There is a God, and he does Answer Prayers

So, I have fallen dreadfully behind due to my back + intestinal virus (even tho that was a while ago, it set the tone for me being even MORE behind now.) And I have been FREAKING OUT about how I am going to get all my midterms taken, let alone studied for.
I was supposed to take 2 last Thursday, but my back hurt reallllly bad and was spasming and it was no good.
I am taking one of them tomorrow.
The other one probably on Thursday.
Anyways, I checked my email tonight and it turns out not one but TWO of my professors extended my exams until the end of this week. Which means I just might have time to study for them before I take them. This has never happened before in my (mumble mumble) semesters in college, and I am so freaking stoked. I literally did not have enough hours in the day to take them by tomorrow night.
So, just me checking in to say that sometimes, even when you don't deserve it, God gives you a way to accomplish the things you have to.
The end.

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Brittan said...

tell him to do that for me! the flu + bradley stomach flu has put me dreadfully behind as well. i will never sleep again. but no, he really does give us wonderful gifts sometimes, hmm? i hope you get everything done and rock those midterms! (and feel better!!!)