Friday, November 20, 2009

A whole new me!

Since the start of the school year I have successfully lost 10 pounds (with the help of that lovely intestinal virus) and kept it off (with the help of a willpower of STONE people).

To celebrate that and my 22nd birthday, which is today in case you forgot, I chopped off 10 inches of hair, one for every pound, and am sending it to locks of love.

I also dyed it dark, but that had nothing to do with anything other than me wanting it dark for a while.

It is my goal to lose 1 pound a month over the next year, and to donate 12 inches at the end of that year! (It may take a year and a half to get to 12 inches of cuttable hair without me getting it boy-short, so it may take a year and a half for me to cut it, but the goal of one pound a month still remains.)

If I can lose 1 pound a month, or 1/4 pound a week, by the time we are ready to have a baby, I will be down to my ultimate goal weight of all time, which is how much I was when I got back from outward bound before my senior year in high school.

Not sure if you can tell how itty bitty I was, but I was. And I was alll muscle. Seriously. I wish I had taken pictures of my intense back muscles!

ANYWAYS, that is my goal. 1 pound a month! Thats it! I think I can do it!

Army Update:
David went and got his Physical. He has to get a waiver for past crap, which is stupid. He is in perfect physical condition and passed everything with flying colors! We should know by Christmas if he is in or not. Which is forever, but ya know. Its the Army. SO, I'll let you know when we know!

The end.


Brittan said...


You look so good! Pass that intestinal virus this way, shoo! I'm loving the hair. You can definitely rock it short. Good luck with all the army stuff... waiting is so hard!

Hope you have the best birthday ever!

Jessica said...

cute hair - happy birthday!

Net said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair. LOVE. And happy birthday. late, of course. :)

Havalah said...

I'm so proud of you, 10 pnds is not easy. And I LOVE your new hair cut and color. I think it is by far my fav look on you. Maybe one day our paths will cross again and we can hike a mountain together