Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Confession(s): Quick Like

I had to completely re-do my Christmas tree after I snipped a wire while thinning out the tree....

I bought 8 boxes of christmas lights to do one 6ft ish tree.

The swimsuit I wear to guard in is see-thru from chlorine eating it, but so comfy I refuse to wear another (don't worry, I wear a shirt and shorts over it)

There are still dishes in the sink from T-give. SUP.

When I am home alone, I don't turn on the heater, but shiver mercilessly

I have pooped 4 times today. Oh Del Scorcho Sauce... you taste so good going in, but are so unkind coming out.

I just called in late to work so that I could write this blog.

The end.

1 comment:

Brittan said...

I just blog the whole time I'm at work. Win!

Dude, if we could get standby to Utah I would worship you. I need mountain air and friends badly! It would only be for the weekend but still...