Sunday, December 6, 2009


Its snowing.

*insert photo of me crying into my electric blanket here*

I love Utah. I really do. Its BEAUTIFUL. But I HATE snow. HATE.

I love skiing in the snow. I love watching snow fall. But having to go out in the snow? No.

Me and David are going to move to Miami when we grow up.

Last night I almost died.... some jerkface ran a stopsign and ran me off the road. I went about 50 feet in the ditch before I stopped. Did I mention I was on the Scooter? If wasn't such a good driver, I would have died. Poor Scoot is pretty messed up. :-(

But its SNOWING ANYWAYS so we can't ride it.

The end.

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Brittan said...

WHAT THE CRAZY?!? You were run into a ditch?! I'm so glad you're okay, oh my gosh! Stupid terrible Utah drivers!