Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh, I'm sorry, did you want to know what was going on?

The past 3 weeks have been pure and utter crazyness.

I took a CNA course, which was 80 hours in 8 days in Salt Lake.
So, more like... 96 hours in 8 days if you count all the freaking driving I had to do.

Speaking of driving, the guy I drove to and from Provo was a big fat liar.
No, really. Like, lied about stuff that was RIDICULOUS (he has hemophelia, Josh Groban had no training, male nurses make more at the VA than female nurses, etc....)
That was a party, let me tell you.
Anyways, I successfully completed the course, after 5 days of playing brick breaker and 4 days of practicing my skills!
Now I just have to take my test here in Texas to become certified!

Speaking of Texas, we are here!
It took 3 days of driving, but we are here alive, with only minor damage to our stuff
(poor poor grill. it took one for the team).

David and I both started work yesterday.

He is a manager at Build A Bear in Arlington. Good old Build A Bear.
I am taking care of my Grandma.
I am actually doing it right now.. she's taking a little after breakfast nap.

We had a party last Saturday, before we left.
It was fun.
I made food from our freezer and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Are you confused yet?
Lemme break it down for you one more time:
We went to Tejas for Christmas break
I got back in Utah on Jan 1
Started my CNA class on Jan 4
Had party on Jan 9
Finished my CNA course on Jan 12
Left Provo Jan 1
Arrived in Tejas Jan 15
And today is Jan 19
And I am tired.

David started school today.
We are still trying to iron out his schedule, so that should be fun.
I start tomorrow.
A&P 1 wooooo!

All our stuff is unpacked, although there are still a few boxes that need to go up in the attic for storage.
I have taken photos of our cute little house, and after David finds the card reader (which I'm almost positive is in the backpack he has at school) we will upload some photos for everyone to enjoy.

The end.


Brittan said...

oh my. i'm worn out just reading that.

Jason Hahn said...

So now that you are in town, you need to come over for dinner sometime. I know you are busy, so it doesn't have to be soon. In fact, I am not available until next week.

Net said...

oh, got it.