Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Photographica (very photo heavy)

See below post for update on life. See this post for update on photos of our little abode
This is the front door. Hi! Welcome! Come on in!

You can see the front door on the right of this picture, so this would be to your right as you walk in. Its my jewelry and our shoe area. We are thinking of getting little baskets to put our shoes in. We'll see. The door on the right you see leads into my Dad's shop.

To your left when you enter (see the front door? Its white!) This is our little table, which is now our "landing strip" as Apartment Therapy would say. Bowls for keys and change, and a box for sunglasses, as well as our little coat rack. The door on the right of the picture is leading into the rest of the apt.
Oh hello cute little kitchen! How are you? This is directly in font of you as you come in the apt. So, to the left is the door into the apt.

This shows you the tile and the cute cute cute little bitty fridge. Also the shelves that are covered with that way cute fabric, which is dry clean only. Who knows why.
This is showing off our little pictures. Cute, huh?
When you walk in the door to the rest of the apt, there is a hallway, then you see the bathroom! Hello green!
This is the sink. Its cute. And covered in corian. Go Dad!
This shows all our storage, including our towel shelf.
This is the hallway. The kitchen is thru the door to the right. The bathroom is the door to the left. And the bedroom is straight in front of you. No door, but a curtain, to make us feel awesome.
Hi Bed! This is what you see when you look in the door!
These are the closets. The one on the left is where we keep our clothes. The one on the right has the water heater!
You can see our little a/c unit for the Texas heat, and our dresser with all our smell good things on top. Also, that is our laundry basket. I highly recommend it to everyone. On to the living room!
So, you can see the kitchen peeking through the door way, and you can see the chair, its old and leather and WAY COMFY. There are 2 of them, and they are big. :-)
These are our closets. The one on the left holds everything from photo albums to blankets to textbooks. The one on the right has coats.
OOooooh, pretty teak craigslist chairs which came all the way from Utah. At some point I want to recover them. You can also see our little entertainment center. Wanana close up? Here ya go!

Ooooh, ahhhh. Pretty TV that Nick got us for Christmas! You can also see our coffee table, and kleenex, which is my constant companion because I have been sick since we got here. Blah.
This is David's fav part of the apt. This is a stuffed Marlin that my Dad got who knows where. This room by far has the most windows. 2 HUGE ones and 1 small one (the one you see here) and its very bright. The bedroom is super dark, but good for sleeping.

So, thats it. Our little home for the next few years, or until my parents drive me crazy and we move out (hi Mom!).

The end.


Amy said...

Cute pics! I'm so glad you're back! YAY! Oh and I really dig the fish too!

Net said...

okay, I'm slow on the uptake - does this mean you are in texas? the apt is in your parents' house? yay! welcome back!