Friday, January 22, 2010


So, there you have it.
That is where we live.
Tonight we are going out for Sushi in Dallas (well, Richardson) with some friends.
I am excited!

We bought all our books.
Holy trash, they were expensive.
Luckily, David's FAFSA money finally came thru.
That goodness for the Government giving us free money for school.

I really want all our W2s to get here so that we can do our taxes.
Apparently we get MORE money for being in school on our taxes.
Cool, huh?

This weekend is the first weigh in for the biggest loser competition that will be going on in our house for the next 6+ weeks between me, my mom and my dad.
I am going to step it up with working out and eating right.
And I am going to get fit!

A nap sounds great, but David left me with a list a mile long to get done today.
Guess I'll get started.

The End.

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Brittan said...

What up Sabs. I'll be in town for spring break and for most of May. We shall party.