Thursday, February 18, 2010


I should go sit outside in the sun (its realllly nice here today) to get my Vitamin D on, but this chair is really comfy.....
I almost like the rainy weather because staying in and doing nothing doesn't make me feel like such a slacker!

Today is David's birthday!
He's 23!
So old, so old.
He is working all day long today to celebrate!
We went out for Sushi for his birthday on Tuesday.
And today before he had to go to work we went and got his b-day present.
A beard trimmer.
I love it when he is mountian man.
Hoooo boy.

Also, I'm already hankering for a Diet DP.

Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with the Olympics?
Because I am.
The Men's ice skating is OUT OF CONTROL!!!
Seriously so stoked to watch it tonight (because David will be working and he can't stop me!)
Also, I love that Scott Hamilton is announcing.
Because he is adorable.

I am also too lazy to go out and get my camera from our house to upload pictures.
Tomorrow tho, maybe you'll get lucky.
And see photograpic eveidence of whats been going on the last few months.

The end.

(PS Dear Brittian- I totally love Saved By the Bell.)

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Brittan said...


don't feel bad, the olympics have made me a complete hermit/lazy face. pretty much all i do is make myself a large bowl full of something carby, plop down onto my sofa and watch incredibly in-shape people whilst i consume large amounts of calories that i will never work off. i <3 olympics!

also, i am definitely live streaming men's figure skating in class tonight. every now and then i'll look up and nod like i'm really digging the lecture. nope. johnny weir.