Thursday, February 4, 2010

Friend, Romans, Countrymen....

Lend me your eyes!
And go watch this.

You are welcome.
I want a baby now too.
No, we aren't having one.
But that doesn't mean I don't want one.

Also, how adorable is that name?
Indy. (Indie?)
So cute.

Erin, if you are reading this, I want your life. Seriously.
In case you didn't know, she has an awesome husband, lives in NYC, and has 2 freaking adorable kids.
I have one of these 3 things.
What to do to get the other two.....

It has been very rainy here, which means all I want to do is read.
Which means that I have turned into the 12 year old little girl who used to stay in bed all day...
reading book after book.
I have now read books 2-4 of the Percy Jackson saga.
I have finished the Harry Potter books for the kabillionth time.
And I am starting in on some books about travel and life.
I also want to read all the Princess Diary Books.
Must be the 12 year old little girl in me.

Does anyone have reccomendations for books I should read?
I love lots and lots of books, but not crazy long ones (unless they are awesome like HP).
I also like quick reads (as in, you don't have to think all that hard to read them).
Tell me what to read, friends!

The end.


Brittan said...

are the percy jackson books good? i'm trying to decide if i should try to read them. a quick read that i loooove is Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman.

Erin said...

dearest sab, thank you for the very nice comments. just to show you how unglamorous my life really is, i just had to do a head to toe wardrobe change because miss indie fe just had the most epic barf. projectile. to the tenth power. all over me. so righteous. life is good. :)

i need to know who this friend of yours is... i'll email shortly.

books? i wish i knew what you've read. a book i recommend frequently to friends is 'the glass castle' by jeannette walls. muy bien. and 'the book thief' is always a goodie, too. you on goodreads?

Sally said...

Books, books, I love books! So first I'm wondering--we finished the first Percy Jackson; are the others worth the time? Enjoyed the first one, so I assume so...

We're currently reading Shannon Hale books, and highly recommend: first, read The Goose Girl (excellent-est); then Enna Burning; then River Secrets. Another by Shannon Hale that is also very good is Princess Academy, but it isn't part of the series above. Great books. (Don't be surprised if the start is hard to get through on a couple of those--it's worth it!)

Laura said...

yeah, i got a suggestion. grow up and start reading some REAL books fool!

bahahaha you miss me

Sally said...

P.S. I found out that "Forest-Born" comes after "River Secrets". We just started it. :D