Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I want one real bad

David is sitting and eating a corn dog before he heads off the build some bears.
I am debating going over and stealing it and gobbling it all down.
But I will not.
I have lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks!
I will be strong and keep eating healthy!
(or I will go get one after he leaves.... you can't win them all.)

I am doing this whole calorie counting thing.
Because I'm not good at just eating healthy food all the time.
I am good at limiting the AMOUNT of crap food I eat.
So, I see how many calories I eat a day.
Then I only eat as many as I need to eat to lose some weight.

My dad is working out like CUH-RAZ-Y, and he has lost 7 pounds.
I am okay with losing it a little at a time.
If I only lose 1 pound a week, I'll be where I want to be by our anniversary.
And if I keep losing 2.5, it would be much sooner than that.
But its all good.
I'm happy.

Speaking of happy, we are going to Abeline this weekend!
To go to the zoo!
(and see David's awesome Uncle.)
I may go over my calorie counts.... oops.

I have 2 tests tomorrow.
Which means the rest of today will be devoted to studying.
Whomp whomp.

I sortof miss Utah... THE PEOPLE, not the place. GEEEEEZ.
But, he sun is shining here today after what seems like YEARS of rain.
It makes my soul smile.
I just miss my friends who made my face smile.

The end.

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Steph said...

so I almost called you this past weekend 'cause I wanted you to go shopping with me, and then i was like oh yah...she's way the heck down in Texas.So I had to go by myself. Boooo. Have you tried Sparkpeople.com for counting your calories? How 'bout you try to motivate me :)