Thursday, March 4, 2010

Its 6pm... and I still haven't shredded

Today is day 9!
I cannot belive that after tonight I will have done The Shred 9 times!

The reason I haven't thus far subjected myself to Jillian's torture is because of my calves.
During The Office tonight I am going to do Free Step.
To warm up for The Shred.
I am also going to try to do it Sat this weekend.
I'm taking Sunday off, because it IS the day of rest, afterall.

I have goals now, with dates.

I want to fit into my wedding dress (I'm getting closer!) by April 30.

I want to fit into my Sr. Prom dress by August 8. (our 2 year annivesary!)

Because who wouldn't want to fit into this?
Yeah. Thats me. With blonde hair. And skinny little arms.
About 3 years, 10 months ago.

Does it seem like I'm talking a lot about working out and weight lately?
Its because I'm slightly obsessed.
Even more so after what I found out yesterday (at church, where else).
There is a Big Fat Juicy Rumor going around.
I am apparently "expecting"
No, not a big fat bag of cash to be found on my door step.
Not for spring to finally be here for good and for it to stop being cold.
Not even for David to rub my feet.
I am expecting... A BABY.
True Story.

I mean, okay, I have been married for 1.5 years.
I came home from BYU, without graduating, 20ish lbs heavier than I left 18 months ago.
I understand the implications of those actions.

But let me state emphatically for everyone:
(nor will I be for at least 3 1/2 more years, thank you).

However, if YOU have a baby, I will gladly steal it.
The End.

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Brittan said...


please share some of your motivation with me.

i can. not. work out.

and i am more in need of it than ever.

i am flabby and cellulitey and will be spending the entire summer in hawaii....