Thursday, March 25, 2010


Thursday has possibly become my favorite day of the week.
I don't go to school. (In fact, school is done for the week Wednesday night at 7:05!)
I get a nice long day to relax and do homework.
I can see the weekend in clear view!
David usually closes at work on Thursday so I get the remote to myself till 10pm.
I have time during the day to bake or cook or do whatever I dang well please.
I don't have to shower if I don't want to because I don't have to leave the house.
I love Thursday!

This weekend will be great!

Friday (tomorrow) night we are going to Medieval Times!
(because David got a bonus at work and wants to spend it like a 12 year old boy)
We got buy one get one free, so its only slightly ludicrously expensive.

Saturday is the Easter Egg hunt for primary.
Oh, didn't I mention? We are teaching 9 year olds now at church.
Its a class of all girls.
Anyways, then David is working and I'm homeworking.

Sunday we are bringing cupcakes to class for 2 of the girls whos birthdays are this week.
THEN We are going to the Dallas Soccer Cup.
Because David is dressing up as a giant bunny.
And I am his "keeper".
(Yes this is a build-a-bear thing).

All-in-all a photo opportunity full weekend!

The End .

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Brittan said...

so can't wait for this photo-op!