Friday, March 26, 2010


New blog layout.
I like it a LOT.

New things:

Links of my/our life lists
Day Zero (mine)
Lengendary Life List (ours)
Both will be updated and changed and loved and lived lots.

Smarty Pig Widget
So everyone can see how much money we have in Savings. (LEGASP)
Also, if you want to give us a birthday/anniversary/christmas/whatever present....
You can totally contribute to those goals.
We think that would be better than clothing/music or whatevs this year.
Someday there will be a BABY savings account and instead of people giving me stuff at a baby shower, Imma ask them to give me cash to send my kid to COLLEGE!

Search this blog
Because who wouldn't want to search it? I mean really.

Because its prettttttyyyy.
And I like it better aligned this way.

Um, are you reading this?
Are you a follower of mine?
Because if I don't know you are reading this, I can't give you shout outs or read your blog.
Like Brittan (HI BRITTAN!).
Commenting is also another good way for me to know you exist (which I do because I have a thing that tracks people coming into my blog.... and there are WAY MORE THAN JUST ME AND BRITTIAN!)

Thats about it.
Expect some sweet sweet weekend blogging up in here in the coming days!

The End

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Brittan said...


lovin' the new layout. ow ow.