Sunday, April 18, 2010

All by Myself

So Sabrina and her parents left at 4a.m. this morning for Brownsville, and i inherited the task of watching Tony today, which actually went very well. When i got up this morning i came in to him eating brownies for breakfast that he had made because apparently he gets up way sooner than i do. SO i took the brownies made pancakes and eggs, then he did all the dishes without being asked. Then i just made sure that he ate lunch and dinner then he got brownies. Then i just checked on him every 15-20 minutes to make sure he stayed out of trouble and i watched some tv with him and watched him play super smash brothers. And i was super productive...i cleaned our apartment did all of the laundry, did dishes, started moving stuff inside, watched stargate, glee, SNL, and legend of the seeker, and i even did math homework and studied anatomy for 3 hours. So all in all it was a good, lonely day...i can't wait for my baby to come home and give me some loving...ALSO my last day at the census is tomorrow which will be AWESOME...i am so sick of sitting in a chair bored out of my mind for 8 hours at a time talking to stupid and/or angry people. that's about it for me...summer is almost here....THE END!!!!


KyleeHillman said...

i'm disappointed. there was not one "oh snap!" in that whole post. what has texas done to you??

Sab said...