Saturday, April 17, 2010

David's turn!

So, turns out I am most likely going to Brownsville for the graveside for my Grandma afterall. We are transporting her down there, and the SUV we got is MASSIVE so there is room for me to go, barring the coffin not being too big (which we think it isn't). It'll be nice to see my Uncle who I haven't seen in a couple of years, and my cousin who I haven't seen in probably... 15 years? A long time, however long its been.

So, David will post tomorrow. Because I have posted every single day this month so far! And we gotta keep it up for my Day Zero list!

I'm feeling pretty okay today. We have cleaned a bunch of stuff out of Grandma's house, just emptying drawers and taking stuff to DAV (which is like DI for you Utah people). Its going to take me a while to get the kitchen how I want it, but since I have over a week until the Census starts, I'll have lots of time. I'm not sure when I will be emmotionally ready to actually sleep in here, but we'll probably be in here by the end of the week. I dunno. We'll see. I'll have to post pictures so you can see it. Also, of the closet, b/c it is the size of my bedroom I grew up in.

Well, thats about it over here on my end.

The End.

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