Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Better Post

Because a "friend" (AND I USE THAT TERM LOOSELY LAMAR) said I should make my posts better, here ya go.

I had my first day of work today.
I read 2 books.
Thank you for paying your taxes so I can work hard for you!

I babysat on Sunday night, and my ovaries, they were killing me so badly.
Sometimes I think it wouldn't be THAT bad to live with my parents forever and have cute babies to snuggle. I mean, who needs an education when you can have a baby?

I Illegally rode the scooter to work today. Also, in Texas its called a Moped. NOW YOU KNOW.

I am making the cake for a baby shower this weekend and I'm prettty excited. I think I'll be able to start it on Thursday!

I am stoked to read another book tomorrow, and possibly be trained on how to do my job.
Altho, since I was offered the job of the person who is training us, I don't have much hope.

Hopefully this was a better post.
Once we get all the pictures hung up (and a bedskirt bought, says my Mom) then we will take photos of the new digs to put up. So, yeah. Look foreward to that!

The End.


KyleeHillman said...

i thought it was called a moped everywhere

Havalah said...

hey this is your long lost friend from DT living in Erie; fyi I think your post are fine. But I think you should start doing book reviews on all those books your reading because I'm always looking for good recommendations. btw miss you