Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Currently Reading

A 30 Rock Quote Of The Day Calendar.
That has been behind our dresser for the past month and a half since I might have accidently knocked it off.
"Whats in that styrofoam cup, huh? The earth's blood?"
Tell me who said that and I'll bake you some cookies (and send them to you if you live far away).

I am also reading 3 sisters and a Brother.... or is it A Brother and 3 sisters?
Whatever it is is really good thusly far.

I also read Stardust today, ya know the one the movie is based on?
It was pretty good.
The movie was actually pretty true to the book.
Amazing, huh?

Now I am going to go to bed. Because sitting all day and reading while trying to tune out my supervisor is TOUGH WORK.

The End.

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KyleeHillman said...

"Greenzo" said it. I'd like my cookies ASAP, please :)