Monday, May 24, 2010

New Living Quarters: The Closet

Oh, hello closet. (this is looking in from the door. The door to the bedroom is down the hall to the left, the bathroom is on the right. I'll have to makeup a floor plan and put it on here)

This is my side. Why yes, those shelves with my pants on them DO look familiar. They have been an enteraintment center (in Utah) and a shoe-center (out back here). I can't reach the top shelf of the closet, so we put this here for my extra shoes and pants!

 This is what is up-top where I can't reach. Papers, out of season shoes, and a ton of random stuff in the boxes (winter stuff, bags, etc)

Right down the middle. I'm on the left, David on the right. This is our wonderful laundry basket. I want to get a pretty peice of art to put over the breakerbox.

Davids shoes! Yes, there are a lot.

Davids pants!

Its really fun having such a big closet. We are enjoying it while it lasts b/c we probably won't have one like it again until we are old and rich. :-)

The End.

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