Friday, May 21, 2010

New Living Quarters: The Bedroom


This is the armoire (sp?) that we keep work out clothes and PJ's in, along with CDs and other random stuff (in the top). David calls it the Mantle and it drives me crazy. I like the pink chair, its really comfy to sit in and read (when David doesn't have clothes all over it.) Also, yes, those are our engagment pictures hanging up.
This is our dresser in which the majority of our underclothing and t-shirts is kept. I like that is has mirrors on it. It makes me want to go brush my hair in the morning when I wake up.

This is the room looking in from the hallway door (the only door into the room). Yes, that is a bulldog lamp (I LOVE IT SO MUCH). We are undecided on if we like sleeping with a quilt. We haven't been sleeping well pretty much since we moved in and can't decide if its the fact that there is a huge window (to the right) which lights up the room at 6am, or the blanket. Its the same bed we had outside, so we know its not that. We just need to figure it out so we can sleep better.
I have photos of the closet and bathroom taken, but I'll save those for another day!
Now I'm off the libaray. The Census SUCKS and has no work for me (even tho they are still hiring a ton of people!) and I am still waiting to hear back from the jobs I applied for. I am really really really really really hoping I get this one job, and they emailed me and asked me to give them another week, so it looks good (I think). Anyways, I'm going to get some books to read so I don't kill myself of boredom.
The End.

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Kelsey and Porter said...

Sweet set up my friend! Porter is a quilt boy. It took me some getting used to. Haha, his mom made the quilt when he got back from the miss and it's a total boy quilt and not cutesy. but... I deal with it because he loves it sooo much.