Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So, I have had a good weekend, my friends.
On Friday, I got to babysit the Twin Family. Oh my gosh. Those kids are REDICULOSLY adorable. A large part of me is still sad that I turned them down, but I know I made the right choice. PLUS I get to babysit for them anyways. So its allll goood. Anyways, we got to read a LOT, and take a bath, and read some more, and play with play-do and eat spaghetti (not in the order, duh) and then I put them to bed and they are just so dang cute. They are really smart, funny, cute cute cute little kids. I get to sit for them again this Friday, and I'm stoked. The parents were great too. Mom-Twin gave me some baby-books to read to prepare for my upcoming job! Party!

Saturday. . . I lazed about in bed all day and read. I love reading. Its the best. I also got rear-ended. Which was lame, but not my fault. I don't mind car wrecks when I am not at fault, so it didn't ruin my weekend at all. I got to "baby-sit" some friends kids. ..  but they were asleep and I just read my Psych stuff so it was pretty much what I would have been doing at home, only at a diffrent house.

On Sunday the girls were REALLY good in class. We colored Father's day cards after the lesson, and I have concluded that we should probably have some kind of activity every class because it makes them better. David will be there next Sunday after a billion Sundays eaither working or being in Utah, so that will be fun. My parents also got home on Sunday from Colorado, where they have been for the past week. I didn't kill the garden while they were one, which was good. It was their first trip away since... ever. Next summer they are going to go to Italy, so this was a test-run to see how things went with Tony. Not 100%, but okay, I guess. We are going to have to figure out next summer better. David will hopefully be into the nursing program, so he will probably be out of school and not working, so he'll just hang out with Tony then. It was hard juggling who took him when between me and Nick and David working this week. But it all worked out and no one died, so no harm, no foul, right?

Yesterday I had my first day of the new session of swim lessons. It went well. The first day is always the hardest, but I only had 2 kids cry uncontroablly, so I'm chalking it up to a sucess.

I also did my first private lessons last night. It is with 2 3-year old boys, who are really really funny. We are working on "bubbling" when swimming, then sticking heads up to breathe. It seems simple, but for that age group its a stretch. One of the kids kindof  got it. . . we basically have to work on that before we can work on anything else (besides back floats) so yeah. But it was fun, and the money is great, so whatevs.

Ummm... David had fun in Utah. He got offered 2 jobs while there, and was sorely tempted to move back. But I told him NO! We have school here that is cheap and it will help our long-term goals. Plus, I just got a good job, and he has a job so stop it! PLUS, someone else is living in our house, and I don't want to live anywhere else. The end.
We might be buying a car like. . . today! For sure by the end of next week. We have been looking and looking for a car for me, and we found a car . . . for David! His dream car is Chevy Malibu. . . yeah, my husband is totally not a car guy, obvs. Since we were going to buy a car for him anyways in December (when we give his parent's car back), we just figured we would buy one for him now (which I will drive until December) then buy me a car in December. I want a Volvo, and they are more expensive, so it'll be nice to have a while to save. Its scary for all of our saved car-money to be transferred out of savings and into checking, but it'll be fun to have a car that belongs to us! Yay!

Well, thats about it here in Casa Allen (in the Casa Blackner), so I am going to finish my Pistacho Almond Bluebell icecream, do the dishes, and head to swim lessons!

The End.

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