Friday, June 18, 2010


Wednesday morning, bright and early, baby-Mom called to ask me if I would like the job. I debated it a lot, and then accepted the position. I am still going to meet the twin-family tonight so that I can be an occasional sitter for them on Friday/Saturday nights. I am really really excited about both prospects.

Funny story, RIGHT after I told baby-mom I would take the job, the family from the interview I had on Saturday called to see if I wanted the position with them. And then a family in Southlake I have been in contact with emailed me to see when I could come interview. Obviously it was meant to be that I be a Nanny. I never had responses like this for any other job I had, even though with other jobs, I had experience doing exactly what I was applying for! I have only babysat before, and am excited to try my hand at Nannying.

Let me tell you a bit more about my new job! Since I am going to probably be writing about them a lot on here, I will try to anonymize it as much as possible. I just read the Nanny Diaries and in it, the family is called the X family. How bout I do that too? We'll try it out and see if I/you like it. As soon as the baby is born, I will come up with a nickname for him/her to make it easier.

So, Mr. & Mrs. X both work in real estate, he in acquisition, and she in management for the same company. They have been married for 1 year. Baby X is their first child. They have chosen to not find out the gender of Baby X before hand, so it'll be a surprise! Baby X is due via scheduled C-Section on July 20, however Mrs. X has been measuring 2 weeks early so Baby X could be here as soon July 3! They will find out today and let me know. I will start when Baby X is one month old, so anywhere from August 3, to August 23. I will probably do a few afternoons before I start full time, just so I can meet little Baby X and Mrs. X can take a shower and stuff. :-) The Xes want to have more kids, probably 1 more after Baby X is born, pretty soon-ish I'm not sure quite what that means, but am excited to find out! The Xes live in Dallas, close to Buffalo Exchange (the most awesomest re-selling clothing store of all time) and its about a 25 minute drive from my house to theirs.

Guys, I am really excited for this job! Freaking stoked!

The End.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I want to snuggle a baby all day and get paid for it. Okay okay, I know you'll be doing more than that but STILL a little jealous. A lot... anyways, I miss you!

dani-yellie said...

I'm a live-in nanny right now which is pretty hard on my relation. Good thing they live so close! Tking care of a baby will be lots of fun! Again, congrats!!!