Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A problem most people would WANT to have

So I interviewed with a family yesterday who is having a baby next month, who wants me to start in August. The pay is great, but the hours are long-ish (8-6ish). I could still go to school at night, and they live very close to El Centro (where I would go). They are very flexible with vacations, and even when they go on the 3 day weekend (which apparently is often) I would get the same weekly pay. The job is pretty straight forward: take care of newborn child during the day, take her on play dates, to the park, etc. Make sure the house doesn't look like a diaster zone. You guys all know what life with a newborn is like. I would pretty much just do that, but get paid for it, and get to leave by 6pm every night. I wouldn't cook, they have a housekeepr, and basically it would be all baby all day. They told me I was their #1 canidate, and they just wanted to check out my refrences.

I am interviewing with another family on Friday who has 3 year old twins. The hours are shorter, and the pay is less, but still as good as the other job per hour, but less hours=less money. I could still go to school in the evening/night, but the campus near them doesn't offer all the classes I really need for the nursing program, so I would probably go to the one near me. I would get to help this family cook meals and teach the kids music. I would hang out with them from about 8am until they go to pre-school on tues-thrus, then do all the household shopping and preparing of dinner, then pick them up and hang out for a bit until the parentals get home. I have gotten the idea from the many many emails we have sent that I am their #1 canidate, although it hasn't been said outright.

Both families are really nice, really caring, really funny and really great. I would get along with both of them equally well.

What should I do? I mean, ovbiously, I still have to be offered eaither job, but what do I do if I am offered both? How do you pick between kids? They both certianly have pros and cons, but they are both awesome in their own right. I almost with I wasn't so awesome, so only one family would pick me.

Please please give me some advice.

The End.

P.S. The people who are doing my refrences for me are AWESOME. Pretty sure half the reason the second fam loves me as much as they do is due to some awesomeness on their part.


Paul & Marlee said...

Both sound like great opportunities. I have been a nanny for 3 kids and did everything that the 2nd job would call for (and more)... Let me tell you, after about a year you will be SO burnt out. I would personally go for the first one. The newborn will take frequent naps during the day that will allow you to get things done. The newborn wont talk back or make huge messes!

Anyway, that's my opinion, take it or leave it :)

Steph said...

Ummm, yah...I'm thinking adorable litle newborn, vs. TWIN, 3-YEAR OLD TODDLERS---emphasis on each of the capitalized words. I'm pretty sure babies are better than toddlers anyday. Plus it sounds like you don't have as many duties to do in the family with the baby (Can I please have a housekeeper too?).

Vanessa said...

Personally, I would go with the newborn. The first few months of the average newborn life are eat, poop, sleep, repeat. The hardest part for us - and most of our friends - are the nights. Leah would just hang out in a swing, her bouncy seat, or in our arms and just chill for the first four months. She's only 11 months now and holy crap is she a handful - and there's only ONE of her. Somedays I don't get to eat until Christian gets home because she's moody, she won't take her nap, she's getting into things, etc. With two you're constantly having to find a way to keep BOTH entertained and your eyes on both at the same time. You have to prevent fights, and dissolve them fairly quickly to prevent further meltdowns. They will be harder to please, entertain, and keep out of trouble.

I've always been told the hardest transition to make when having kids is from 1 to 2. You can easily take care of 1 - undivided love, attention, and affection. 2 you get into trickier territory, and depending on their personalities and expectations (some kids seriously expect you to have something fun for them to do EVERY MINUTE of EVERY DAY) it could be a nightmare.

If you feel you can handle the long hours and waiting until August to start work I would highly recommend you go with the newborn child. That is just my opinion and feeling as a mother to one, soon to be two.

Good luck, Sab!

Olsens R Us said...


Wow~ we should have hired you! :) ha! I don't think "mom of 8" and pays lousy would have been high on your list!

The newborn job sounds great- unless the baby has colic or is just a fussy baby. Then, you will be pulling your hair out. It is hard enough to do when the baby is your own....having just gone through this for the first time with my 8th, I am keenly aware that my sanity level took a turn southward for a bit there. The other thing is that you will be alone for the most part- not a lot of interaction from the newborn until about 3 months. So that can be a plus or minus for you, depending on what you like. You can always increase your cell phone minutes and talk on the phone all day. LOL
Good luck to you- if nothing else you are getting lots of practice :)