Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh Burn

. . . as in, my ears, my legs, my back, my arms.
All on diffrent days.
All to varying degrees.

I think tonight I can actually sleep on my back, which will be fun.

I have 2 (read that and weep, ladies) interviews, one Saturday and one Monday, and one more pending one for sometime next week for nanny jobs that start in August. I ROCK. The one I really want is on Saturday, so hope I get that one, k?

Swim lessons are going well. I have a class of 4 two years olds. Scratch that, 3 2 year olds and 1 20 month old. YEAH. WAY TOO YOUNG. Its 45 mins of redic. All my other classes are great, and I love it. Other than the sunburn stuff.

Hopefully I'll have a nice tan at the end of all this.

David is going to Utah this weekend, so I'll be fresh out of anything to do but study for my Psych class (which is a good thing, seeing as I have a test Saturday and a paper due on Wednesday and another test next Saturday.) I will miss him greatly, but he'll have fun and get to hang out with friends.

As soon as I get said Nanny job, I shall figure out a time to go to NYC to see my BFF LaMar. Its gonna be real fun. And I am going to make her take stupid tourist pictures and she can just shut her face about it.

To conclude, life is good.

The End.

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Vanessa said...

They must be SO cute to watch in the water!