Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Do your ears hang low. . .

Are they filled with antibiotic drops?
Cuz mine are.
Stupid swim lessons.
Which is why Friday was my last day teaching.

Well, that, and I am now the fill-in nanny for the Twins until I start the babynanny job in August.

I seriously feel 4 years old. What grown up gets an ear infection, let alone a DOUBLE one. The NP was laughing at me because she said I was the first adult she'd seen for an ear infection in years. Thanks for that, NP.

I loaded up on the motrin (the generic brand because it was buy one get one free! and the name brand was recalled and not on the shelves) and shall take it with me wherever I go (which will be to the Twins or here and thats about it). I shall also fill my ears with these drops 4 times a day so that they will heal. And I can't swim for 7-10 days. Nor can I shower without cotton balls in my ears. TRUE STORY. I need to shower today, so I better bust em outta my cabinet and get em ready to fillup my ears so no water enters thence.

This weekend we went to a houseboat on Lake Eufala in Oklahoma, but that is a different story for a less whiney post.

The End.

UPDATE: Showering with cotton balls in your ears doesn't work. They just fall out when you are washing your hair. FYI. I think I'm going to go get some swimming ear plugs for future use.

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Jamie said...

Put vaseline on the cotton balls - gets 'em to stick a bit better. Also, I got two ear infections within 4 months of being a kindergarten teacher! it's rough.