Saturday, July 10, 2010

I freaking hate

looking for a car.
I have to procure a car in the next 10 days.
Mostly because I am super indecisive and really hate looking because WHICH.ONE.
There are a billlion cars. A BILLION. And how do I pick JUST ONE?
What if it turns out I pick the WRONG one and then it blows up and I have to buy another one?
And what if it ends up having major repair costs and then we have no money and eat ramen for every meal?
I just want someone to do it for me because I just really don't want to.
David is knee deep in school and work, so he's not really an option.
And my parents aren't really liable for my car-buying decisions.
So that leaves me.
Or some random stranger on the street.
I'm thinking the latter option sounds better.

You would think that marrying David was a big deal, but no, this is bigger/worse for me to make a decision on. With David, it was like, well, duh, I should marry him. He is smokin' hot and smart and will be an aweome Dad. Also, his pheremones are like, gloriously delicious in that when I smell his neck I pretty much want to rip his clothes off. (TMI? Sorry.) I read the other day about how people's pheremones attract those to whom their genetic match for babies will be best. Guys? We are OVBS gonna have the best freaking genetic baby of all times. That boy just kills me with his neck smelling all good and David-y.

Okay, moving on.

Or back.

I am buying a car. The insurance for the car we have now (which is David's parents Saturn) runs out on the 20th of this month because we apparently aren't allowed to drive a car in Texas which is registered in Utah. We COULD get it registered in Texas, but that means new plates and new inspection, and probably new windshield (it has a crack) and it would cost some coin to get it did, and we would still have to return it to David's parentals in December. PLUS, we have to have full-coverage insurance on it since it isn't ours (which makes me laugh because its worth like, 3k and the wreck we just got in (which was a fender bender which was not our fault) was 2k so the car was almost totalled.) so yeah. Expensive to keep it for 6 more months. We decided to not put-off the ineveitable and suck it up and buy a car. Yes, this means we are buying 2 cars in one month. No, we are by no means rich nor are we buying nice cars. Hi, Betty White is a 1996! And we paid under 2k for her! Anyways, the car I am buying is going to be a more long-term car. Betty White just needs to last a year or so until David gets into Nursing School and quits BABW and doesn't need a car to drive 30 minutes to work every day. He get to take the train once he starts Nursing School! Party! The car I am buying is going to be our main-squeeze, if you will. BUT we are debating how long-term we want the car to be. Do we want an 8k car, which would last like 8-10 years (yes, we plan on keeping it for many many moons if we spend 8k on it, because then it would probably be a Chevy Malibu which is David's dream car. . . what a freak)? Do we want a 5k car which would last 5-7 years? Or do we just want to do a 2k car and pay cash (my parents are going to loan us some dough for the other options) and just have it for a year or two until we have enough saved up to buy a better one? I think we are going to do the 5k car, just because it is a good middle ground for us, and we would feel okay just having liability on it (full coverage is at minimum 40 extra bucks a month, but more like 60-80) Plus, we would not have to borrow much from my parents, which is always a good thing in my book. I don't like debt - hence why we moved back here and live with my parents!

Anyways, this post is very long and its getting late and the whole point of it was to say this:
Friends, I am in need of a car.
I have some cash money to be put towards this cause.
If you have a friend  or family member trying to sell a car for 5k or less and its not a piece of crap that will strand me and the new baby I will be nannying for on the side of the road, please please please let me know because I really hate looking online.


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Jamie said...

Look at car rental places. Alex got his car from Budget or something like that. They're usually pretty well priced and only a couple years old because rental places update their cars so often.