Monday, July 12, 2010

Quotes from the Allen House

"You think thats funny? Because I am going to stab you in the face. No really, I am going to get a knife right now."

(Said over a discussion on weather or not it is okay to name a car a boy name.)

Speaking of, here is my facebook status update:
Sabrina Allen just bought another caaaaar. 2 in one month, friends. Which means its time for everyones favorite game: Name The Allen's Car. It is a very pretty Grey Toyota Carolla SL. David and I are currently having a debate about if the car can have a boy name or a girl name. I vote boy, David says over his dead body. Its my car, its my decision. Dorian Grey is my idea, his is Jean Grey, and we are open to other ideas.

The End.

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