Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nannying my face off

No, really.
My face is gone.
In its place is a tired tired puppy dog.
Who knew 3 1/2 year old twins could be so much work, right?

These past 2 weeks I have decided 2 things.
1. I do NOT want twins, as previously thought. 1 is more than enough at a time.
2. I do NOT WANT ANY KIDS anytime soon. Babies are cute, and you forget what they turn into. A HUGE BALL OF ENERGY THAT DOES NOT WANT TO STOP AND READ.

Ahaha, with that said, I am having a ton of fun. Making pillow piles and jumping into them. Doing letter flashcards on the way to Yoga (OMG. Kid Yoga is the BEST.) Getting "red drinks" from the "drink store" and basically being awesome. The kids are adorable and I want to just snuggle them all day, but they want to jump on me so we just end up playing instead.

As much as I love these kids, I know I made the right choice in jobs - I sure as heck don't have the energy to keep up with them all day every day forever! I have been sleeping 10 hours a night and I am sooo tired. ESP when they stop taking naps in the fall. How would I ever get ANYTHING done without nap time?HOW?!?!?

To all my parent-friends out there: Holy crap you are AMAZING.

The End.

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The Pollock Family said...

That sound like my day and I basically have twins. :)