Saturday, July 31, 2010

Its working!

So, first off, we have me and little EB, who is quite possibly the cutest baby ever. Note how she is totally looking at me like "Hey, thats my Nanny, and she's AWESOME!" because its true. She's adorable and I am going to snuggle her all day every day! (when she is awake, of course!)

This is guitar groom's cake I made. Let me tell you about this wedding. It was 85 degrees in the cultural hall when I got there (the rest of the building was just as bad) so everything melted, because in the cake world, butter is what you use for everything. So nothing looked like it was supposed to. When I left this house this cake had sharp edges and looked awesome, but 15 minutes in that building and it was rounded (from the weight of the fondant pressing down on the soft soft buttercream) and the color had started to run because it was painted on.  People didn't get there with the flowers or the ribbon for the other cake until I had been there over an hour. And the entire thing started 1 1/2 hours late. It was a good first paid-for wedding experince, because I got to think on my feet (changing the butter cream cake from a smooth finish to the textured one you see) and experinced what a scary thing weather is, but I am glad its over! 

Okay, this is the wedding cake. The florist didn't want me to use that big flower on the top, but I think it totally makes the cake look awesome. I have no regrets about doing it. Also, the texture doesn't look that bad, right? I kindof dig it.
So, I made waaay to much chocolate cake for the wedding, so I made this sweet Build A Bear cake for David to take to work today. Because I am awesome. I mean, what wife makes a cake like this for fun? ME! THATS WHO!
This is what I look like after a morning of cake decorating. This picture doesn't even do the mess on my shirt justice. And this was after I had washed my arms off (they get covered in powered sugar from transferring fondant from the rolling out board to the cake.)
The END!


Aaron and Julie said...

it was awesome and I loved the texture it was so yummy!! I think I should spend a day with you so you can show me how to make this fondant. Maybe you can help me make my birthday cake which is in a few weeks!

Brittan said...

yay pictures! that baybay is the cute! i want one! no. no i don't...

your cakes look fantastic and YOU look skinny! man, if i could make cakes like that i would be such a fat kid.

Anonymous said...

babies and cake are two things i like.