Monday, August 16, 2010


I wait until Stargate is at its most climatic point to ask David to "come into the bedroom". I almost never win over Stargate. Actually, scratch the almost. I never win over Stargate.

I stuffed 100 bears tonight, and kindof liked it.

I buy my shorts at American Eagle, which makes me feel like I'm in high school.

I still haven't washed my dishes from dinner last night.

I take off my pants almost the minute I come into the house pretty much every day. I HATE PANTS.

I spent 1/2 an hour looking at the baby section of Barnes and Noble today for my babynanny friend.

The End.

PS TwinMom's new nanny just quit before she started because she got a "better offer" when she was supposed to start on Weds. If ANYONE know anyone who needs a job, even a temp one, and is good with kids let me know. These kids are the most adorable hiliarous kids of all time and I love love love them and would love to see them with a good Nanny! They live in East Dallas, which is like 25 mins from my house. A car is needed!

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