Tuesday, August 17, 2010

David informs me:

that my last blog was "inappropriate." I countered asking him if the truth could every truly be inappropriate, and he rolled his eyes, so in an effort to appease him, I am writing a new blog post in order to make my last blog post further down. Although this blog post may make you want to go look at the blog post in question, so I dunno. Whatever.

We went and ate at Angelos today for lunch because my mom gave us a gift certificate. If you don't know what Angelos is, let me tell you. Its this place in Irving that sells really cheap food, the kind you could make at home with little effort, and yet, its ALWAYS packed. I had a 7.99 Filet Minon and Baked Potato, and David had a 7.99 pizza. And then we split some cheese toast. Oh Irving, and your food. So silly.

We went and saw Scott Pilgrim yesterday, because we had a giftcard and it started at the right time. It was really funny. I haven't read the books, but I give it 2 thumbs up! We want to go see Inception, and will probably do so with the remainder of the gift card tomorrow. Partyyyyy.

Ooooo baby. I really want to take a nap, but I have a to-do list for this week, and today's portion is going to take a WHILE, so I probably shouldn't sleep. Dangit.

I love David Allen.

The End.

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