Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

So, at this moment, two years ago, I was getting hitched to one Mr. David Allen. It would still be almost a year before I legally became Mrs. David Allen, but that is another story for another time, involving threats and a social security office 2 blocks from our house.


This is the story of the day we got married.

There are few highlights:
1: It was raining when we got to the temple.
2. David was waiting for me inside.
3. We had to get there really early and then we sat in the Celestial room for what seemed like FOR-EV-ER and talked about how we were getting married. This exact exchange happend at LEAST 10 times. "Dude, we are totally about to get married." "I know right?" "Cool, huh?"
4. I told David the wrong name the first time around. Luckily I realized it and we fixed it. Haha. I am such a dork.
5. When we finally got to the sealing room the love was filled up to the celing in there, man.
6. The guy who sealed us was cute and old and adorable and told David he was pretty.
7. Afterwards, when we were hugging people, someone said that they could see the excitiment start at my toes, make the way up my body, and then when it reached my head and I realized I was wiggling, I would stop and be still for a minute before it started again.
8. Nick cried, which made me cry, the jerk.
9. When I was changing into my wedding dress to go outside, I was said "My fiance. . ." and then the ladies were like, "Oh honey, he's your husband now! No going back!"
10. I accidentaly stole a hanger from the temple! Oops!
11. Our photographer didn't show up! But we found his number and it was all good in the end.
12. The one time I remember getting mad was when we had to wait for our tables at the Olive Garden. I set them straight, I sure as crap did. I was so freaking ticked. Making freaking 60 people stand in the foyer when the tables were ready! UIJKFLAS.
13. When we (Me, David and our Photographer) went back to the temple to get some pictures, David went to go get a parking token and it was just me and the photographer, and everyone was looking at us odd and commenting about my lack of husband.
14. I didn't get a picture of me and my mom, besides some from the luncheon, which makes me sad. :-(
15. We danced the night away at our reception.
16. The cake was really really reallllly good.
17. David looked reallllllly good in his suit. Dang.
18. When I went upstairs to change out of my dress and into my little white luncheon dress, I heard Grease come on and was really sad I couldn't go down and dance.
19. When we finally got to the limo, we both just melted into puddles of goo and drank some water. The excitement from the day had just made us both SO TIRED. I think David rubbed my feet for a while.
20. The first thing when did when we got to the hotel was eat some of the food that some wonderful soul had packed for us from the reception. I think it was the best thing I've ever eaten. Unfortuatnly, no one packed us cake. :-(

The past two years have been full of shenanigans. We have moved 3 times, one of those times being across the freaking country. We have eaten a lot and gained some poundage from it. We have attemped to work out together, which didn't go so well. We have snuggled a LOT and found our joint love for Netflix. We have sat around in our underpants eating icecream. We have talked late into the night and giggled a lot. We have held hands and nuzzled necks.

I love my life, you guys. I love it. I love David so much and every day all I can think of is when I get to see him again. He is working today, which blows, but next Saturday we get to spend all day celebrating the love that is our life by going out to lunch at the best Mexican restraunt in town, going to a movie, then going to have dinner with my Nanny Fam. We are taking our traditional anniversary photos this Thursday, so get excited for that!

I just love David and love that I am his wife.

The End.


The Pollock Family said...

Love it!!

MychalandBethany said...

Y'all are so precious! :) I love it!!

Kelsey and Porter said...

Happy ANNIVERSARY! Man, I just was so excited to be able to say 1 year, but 2 years sounds so much cooler! Ah, I guess I'll have to wait till March before I can be in THAT club!

Lyndsi Shae* said...

I remember you settin that Olive Garden straight. And I love that you remember the cake, and that afterwards no one packed you cake, and that your anniversary celebration includes 3 activities-- 2 of which are meals. I am so happy that you love your life and have newscaster hair!