Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I like yogurt pretzels.

EB isn't feeling too hot today, as is evidenced by her waking up crying every half hour. Her tum tum hurts, I think, because she's been tootin up a storm. Poor kid. She is now in the rocker-swing-y-ma-jig for the next 15 minutes until it is time for her next meal!

In other news, we got some of our anniversary photos back. I like them a lot!

Here is a sneak peak:
This is the park where we would hang out in high school. We would lay right next to that bench we are sitting on and talk about whatever. There most certainly was NOT any kissing going on - we were FAR too young. ;-)
My husband is the cutest man on the face to the freaking PLANET. Seriously you guys, look at that grin. And how his eyes crinkle. And his Adams Apple. Besides which is his NECK. Ya'll, David's neck is the best. Most esp when I give him turtle kisses (basically a bite with my lips covering my teeth) and he giggles like a small child.

Sorry, got a bit distracted there.


Okay, time for me to go play with my little babynannyfriend.

The End.

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